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Davis Wireless Vantage Pro Plus Fan Aspirated Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS).  The ISS contains the rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors (enclosed in a fan aspirated radiation shield), solar radiation sensor, UV sensor, sensor mounting shelf, and solar panel.  All sensors and the fan are solar/battery powered.  The unit can run several days in complete darkness.  The ISS is mounted on 6' post in our back yard.  It is mounted more than 50' away from any structure higher than it.  The small box to the right of the ISS is the wireless radio transmitter than sends that data back to our console and computer in the house.  The rain collector has a heater enclosed in the housing bucket.  You can read more about this unit by clicking on the Davis link.
Wireless/Solar Anemometer on house roof.  We mounted the Anemometer (wind speed indicator) high on our roof-top to assure accurate wind measurements.  National Weather Service (NWS) sighting directions dictate the Anemometer should be at least 20' from the ground and 10' above any adjacent obstructions.  The Anemometer is also solar/battery powered and the data is transmitted wireless to our console.  The small white box at the bottom of the pole is the solar collector and transmitter. 
Wireless Console.  This is the receiving console inside the house.  It displays all of the various sensors simultaneously.  In addition to the sensors from the ISS and the Anemometer, the console can also receive data from additional wireless sensors.  One example of this is our additional Tempeture Sensor Station.  We can set the console to sound alarms when certain weather conditions are met.  Examples are high wind speed, low or high temperature, quickly falling barometer, high rainfall rate, etc.  The console can be battery or AC powered, so it is easy to move around the house to monitor the weather from anywhere and works when the power is off, which is usually when the worse weather conditions are occurring.

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