Citizen Weather Observer Program

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Current APRS-IS information from our station in Wytheville, VA (CW1780)

Current Conditions at cw1780

CWOP - Citizen Weather Observer Program information site

CWOP - More CWOP Information - Good information if you are interested in contributing.

APRS WX Map - Link to APRS Weather Maps (Java) - Very good map!

MesoWest - Mesonets including CWOP Observations

CWOP Form - Short form to access data from any location

APRS-IS Explained - Good site covering what APRS-IS is and how it works

WEB Sites - CWOP Personal Stations Members WEB sites

CW1780 Data - This link takes you to hourly data from our site.

FindU - Find out all type of APRS information. 

APRS Search - Find any APRS Stations - Good way to find your friends and neighbors